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the naughty side of harry potter

ramblings of a nymphet

Le Lily Langdon
13 August 1982

Im a star wars geek you should know this

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Which Sandman Character Are You?

Which Sandman Character Are You?

i'm in slytherin!

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this is me:
nicknames-lily poo, lily kin, mrs. snape, lily baudelaire,lilylin, countess olaf, mrs. olaf, countess, wicked woman,zeta
hair color-black,blonde on top with turqouise streaks
likes-old men, ASOUE, Harry potter, lord of the rings, reading, art, music, illustations, soundtracks, friends, toffee, cotton candy, count olaf, jim carrey
disslikes-stupid flirts, bad come-on lines, perverts, people talking behind peoples backs, and the color brown.
fetishes-priests,hands,noses, older men, teachers, olaf, snape, harry potter, loita, violet baudelaire/count olaf,priests,teachers,domination,knives,suits,doctors,therapists,accents
favorite books-ASOUE series, HP series, Lolita, Daisy Fae and the Mirical Man, Girl with A Pearl Earring,Girl Interupted, Hunchback of Notre Dame
favorite movies-POA, truman show, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, love actually, galaxy quest, robin hood, elizabeth,kinsey,a seires of unfortunate events, phantom of the opera, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, I <3 huckabees
favorite book characters-severus snape, count olaf, and harry potter, Humbert Humbert, and Lolita
favorite sort of music-soundtracks and scores from movies and techno
favorite color-pink, purple, black, orange, turqouise
Place I wish I was-london
Im a pretty different sort of girl, I had a love for characters in books and movies and often dress up as characters. Im imaginative, unique and odd, some would say quirky and some are just annoyed by me. Im different and thats all there is to it, take me or leave me.I am Countess Olaf

I claimed count olaf because he is wonderful and my husband, I claimed his tattoo because I have the same one, and I claimed Gunthers Monical because hes my favorite olaf disguise
asoue claims
asoue claims

asoue claims
<*center><*img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v140/kitsuneh/austin.gif><*br><*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/farewelltheme">Austin Scarlett is L-O-V-E <*/a><*/center>

Oh yea and Im big on color bars so hahah!

Alan Rickman is Love

Harry Potter is Love

Original Phantom Fans Are Love

Violet is Love

Batman Begins is Love

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is Love

iharthdarth is Love

The Original Trilogy is Love

Radcliffe is Love

John Lennon is Love

Count Olaf is Love Evil

olaf is my sex

I love snape

Hogwarts professors are love.

I adore these dreadful books

The ASOUE books are love.

and olaf is love

The ASOUE movie is hopefully love.

The Venture Bros. is "Go Team Venture" Love <3

sam neill is love
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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is love.

By w00tlikewoah

slytherins are love
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snape is love
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stan shunpike is love
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period films are love
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count olaf is love
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abe sapien, alan grant, angels, aragorn, art, arwen, austin scarlett, black, black cats, black robes, bondage, boots, brad dourif, butterflymonkey, captain hook, classical music, collecting posters, count olaf, daniel radcliff, dark comedy, david bowie, dracula, drama, drawing, edgar allen poe, edward sizzor hands, elrond, elvira, eric bana, ewan mcgregor, eyeshadow, fan fic, faries, france, fried green tomatos, from hell, gandalf, gary oldman, goblins, godesses, gods, going crazy, goobers, goth, gothic, gyffindors, hair styles, hands, harry potter, hearts, hello kitty, hermione, hugs, indoors, ink wash, jack sparrow, jason, jeremy northam, johannes vermeer, john lennon, john steed, kisses, labyrinth, lace, lee ingleby, life, lightsabers, london, lord of the rings, love, lust, magic, makeup, manhattan, marguis de sade, marshmellows, medival, moulin rouge, movie, my friends, mystery, mythology, new york, nicole, night, nightmare before x-mas, obi wan, older men, outdoors, outerspace, painting, paris, peace, period films, phantom of the opera, photography, pin ups, pink blush, pink goobers!, pinknightfaerie, pirates, pocession, poetry, potions, princess leia, psychology, purple, quidditch, rasputin, reading, remus lupin, ringwraiths, role playing, rupert evans, sam neill, sean penn, slytherins, snape, soundtracks, spells, spys, stan shunpike, star wars, stars, strider, stripes, subways, techno, the avengers, the sea, tim burton, tim roth, traveling, unicorns, valmont, vampires, van gogh, victorian clothing, witches, wormtounge, writing